Background Information

BWCA (Bangladesh Work Camps Association) has been rendering it’s services towards the welfare and development of the society as well as to mankind since it’s inception in 1958. Aiming to promote voluntary sprite among youths/students, promoting people’s consciousness about “Climate Change”, use of Organic Fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, increasing agriculture production through using modern technology through facilitating & providing training / motivation on self development/ employment surrounding BWCA project- VTC (Volunteers Training Center) at Ujgram, Bogra.
Having a long time experience on social service in the field of health, environment, cultural exchange, sports-education, training & motivation and interaction between local and overseas volunteers through organizing workcamps, we planed to establish a model project where all above objectives could be facilitated. Therefore, we are trying to make the dream true through establishing VTC (VolunteersTrainingCenter) at Ujgram, Bogra since 2005. The VTCproject needs to establish / construct it’s infrastructures like Project-Office, training rooms, dormitories, health center, recreation center for disable people, and other agricultural components like cow-shade and paltry-shade.
In consideration of our dream and in order to operate yearly international camp schedule, BWCA concentrating all its efforts to develop the project VTC through contribution and voluntary efforts of the participating volunteers. In terms of developing VTC infrastructure BWCA has also been continuing it’s traditional voluntary service towards community development activities like installing hygienic toilets, planting trees, cost free eye camp, repairing community road / school and assisting school kids during game and sports by mobilizing series of workcamps and MTV round the year. So we do believe that volunteers would feel lively atmosphere and could get integrated with local people and harmony of Bangladeshi culture and tradition during any voluntary assignment with BWCA.
Aiming to provide social service to the civil society VTC would ensure training for self development, self employment, creating motivated volunteers and motivation for better health, community development, Climate change, poverty reduction and on environmental issues etc. among the people surrounding to VTC project. All these components will then be ensured after the completion of VTC infrastructures. Therefore, BWCA cordially invite you to be a part of VTCyour self any time you deserved.

History of BWCA

Bangladesh Work Camps Association (BWCA) was founded by late Lt. Abdul Gafur in 1958. It has been serving as a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit youth development and social welfare oriented voluntary youth organization. It is registered with the Social Welfare Department (Registration No. 215), Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. BWCA cooperates with the Department of Youth Development (DYD), Govt. of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh. BWCA operates following policies provided by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS).

Bangladesh Work Camps Association (BWCA) is a voluntary youth organization working in various fields that includes helping communities, NGOs and others to help them learn how to cope with natural hazards by conducting local, national and international workcamps. The fields of the projects include social welfare, community and organizational development, health care, and environmental conservation. BWCA conducts short, 10-15 day workcamps throughout the year. BWCA also conducts a Round The Year Program (RTYP) in association and collaboration with the local partner organizations in rural and urban areas, lasting a minimum of 3 (three) months. Both work camp and RTYP are open to every volunteers on the principle of trusteeship, which means everyone to participate in its activities according to their knowledge and skills. This way, every program is almost self-reliant and self-supporting. This has enabled us to work on independent philosophy, plan of action within the laws of the country.

The BWCA has provided services for Bangladeshi communities for the last 45 (forty-five) years. These services include UNESCO-based leadership training courses, camp projects on education, health care, and the environment, and emergency relief and rehabilitation works during natural disasters. The vastness of its services is shown by 340 past workcamps (local, national & international) by which it mobilized about 187,159 volunteers including a large number of overseas volunteers/participants.

Aims and Objectives

Bangladesh Work Camps Association (BWCA) was founded in 1958 with the following aims and objectives:

  • To foster understanding, co-operation and friendship among the youths of Bangladesh belonging to different spheres of activities and social environment through work camp methods and techniques.
  • To cooperate with the different national and international organizations interested in work camps.
  • To offer concrete help to the community by working not only for the people but also with the people.
  • To promote international peace and solidarity by encouraging friendship, international understanding, cooperation among the participants through working and living together.
  • To inspire participants in respecting human dignity and individuality.
  • To operate international programs like work camps and the RTYP to provide opportunities for the youth and volunteers from abroad to see Bangladesh and to know and learn about its people, culture, tradition and lifestyle.
  • To promote patriotism and establish a sense of responsibility towards the nation through activities involving youth, students and people from all sectors.
  • To help people from different cultures and languages understand more about Bangladesh.
  • To open the scope of friendship, sharing ideas, knowledge and experience through seminars, conferences and different social services in Bangladesh and abroad.
  • To provide opportunities for volunteers to get acquaintance with safe, low cost ways of living and getting around Bangladesh.

To achieve the above aims, the BWCA has been carrying out the following activities:

  • Organizing local, national and international work camps throughout Bangladesh in cooperation with local voluntary organizations, government and people of the respective areas.
  • Strengthening international understanding, friendship, cooperation, self-development, and peace through study, exchange and working from home programs.
  • Conducting literacy and non-formal education program.
  • Campaigning against smoking, drug and other health hazards.
  • Working to prevent environmental hazards and pollution, by planting trees for afforestation and reforestation.
  • Sending and receiving volunteers/youths through International Exchange Program (IEP) on a group or individual basis.
  • Conducting free mobile eye camps and immunization centers.
  • Organizing emergency relief and rehabilitation program after natural disasters.

Looking Forward

BWCA aims to establish and carry out the following programs in its own premise in Dhaka and in other appropriate places/parts throughout the country. BWCA welcomes any sort of financial cooperation, donation or joint venture initiative from any person or organization for the implementation of these projects:

  • Youth training complexes
  • International youth hostel
  • Youth information and community development research centers.
  • Undertaking Integrated Model Village Development Program (IMVDP)
  • Child and mother care clinics
  • Children day care centers
  • Rehabilitation centers for street and rootless children


BWCA is a full member of the CCIVS-UNESCO, Paris, Treasurer of the NVDA (Network of Voluntary Development in Asia & the Pacific) and partners with the following international organizations: VFP-USA; NICE-Japan; KNCU-Korea; Greenway-Thailand; KYDO-Combodia; VYF-Vietnam; SIW-Holland; IJGD, VJF-Germany; YAP-Belgium; England, UNA Exchange-England; CONCORDIA, Solidarites Jeunesses (SJ), Jeunesses et Reconstruction (J&R)-France; GENCTUR-Turkey; JAC,GSAS, FSL-India; ACYF-China; and FCN-Nepal.

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country with 140 (one-hundred forty) million people within a total area of 143,998 square kilometers. The majority (80%) live in rural and semi-urban areas. Only about 30 percent of the population is literate. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in Bangladesh. People are very kind, hospitable, social, friendly and are sometimes even considered too careful and concerned about the hospitality of foreigners. The country is surrounded by many rivers with natural beauty and has a longest natural sea beach of the world in Cox’s Bazar (southern part of Bangladesh). Foreigners can enjoy and learn the typical local cultural heritage and tradition. You can taste a variety of Bangladeshi spicy food, sweets, seasonal winter cakes and snacks. The work camps operate during the sunny, winter-spring part of the year in Bangladesh. As a whole, volunteering in Bangladesh is an exciting and enjoyable opportunity to experience Bangladesh, and give visitors a more accurate and positive understanding of the country, different from the typical negative image the media tends to show.

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