Available Programs

Program Requirements Duties Duration of Assignment Location Accommodation, Food & Excursion Volunteers Needed Remarks
VTC Project Skilled and non-skilled Volunteering at BWCA model project: ¡¡ãVolunteers Training Centre¡¡À (VTC) Any volunteer(s) can take part in the development work of the ¡¡ãVTC¡¡À intended by the BWCA as its own model project at Ujgram, Bogra.
Volunteers needs to perform their activities as an assistant of skilled professionals like Mason, Carpenter, Electrician, Painter etc., for constructing VTC infrastructures through physical help. VTC will be a service provider centre for rural people.
Any time of the year volunteers can apply for any sort of project component according to his /her desire.
We welcome vols. with even 2/3 months assignment.
VTC Project located at Ujgram, Gabtali, Bogra.
260 km from capital City Dhaka and 30 km from local town Bogra and Gaibandha, northern par of Bangladesh.
Organizational dormitory at Ujgram and home stay at the family of respective project location. Bangladeshi simple food (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Tea) be provided by BWCA.
Volunteers are welcomed to prepare their favorite dish or any kind food recipes to share with others.
Require-ment of vols. depend on project components 4 to 5 persons male/female. VTC is on going project where any time can be applied.

For All Programs

Criteria: Set criteria need to be maintained by the Accepted volunteers as well as sending partner Organization as follows:

  • Volunteers should have to be committed for not less than 2 (two) months volunteering assignment in Bangladesh through sending Org.
  • Volunteers should have to be well motivated through overseas sending organization/partner about voluntary attitude, culture, life style, social/religious custom and condition, political and economical atmosphere of the Bangladesh.
  • Volunteers should have to be well oriented about the Terms and Conditions of participation, activities to be performed, food and accommodation.
  • Volunteers should have the attitude for adopting simple and manually operated life style also for accepting simple food as well.
  • No such expenses like travel cost for to and from Bangladesh, pocket money, insurance, medical expenses be paid from BWCA instead all such expenses should be borne by the volunteer him/her self.

Participation Fee: Equivalent of US$ 300/- (US Dollar Three hundred) only each for the first 3 (Three) months assignment.

Other Charges: Equivalent of US$50 (Fifty) per month basis to be paid by the volunteer for the additional period if S/he interested to extend their duration of assignment. Moreover, vol. need to pay their food change @ equivalent of US$ 2.50 (Two and half dollar) to the BWCA per/day/person basis.

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